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Corporate Speak


Good Infrastructure Excellent Coordination and day long support. Impressed with quality of students looking forward to joining them in coming months.


Excellent faculty and outstanding facilities. Students possess good technical and communication skills.

TCS – Mr. Rupesh Sing

Being at remote place like shirpur, the kind of exposure the MPSTME Shirpur students have is amazing. I found very sound fundamentals and clarity of the concepts in the students and moreover the willingness as well as approach to learn the new things.

L & T – Mr.  B.A Damahe

"NMIMS students’ level of competence is of high standards. Students of NMIMS have initiative to learn and contribute, good knowledge, sincere and disciplined. They have a capacity to see any situation from fresh and new perspectives."

TATA Technologies

"I found them quite good in terms of aptitude and attitude. I observed that their maturity level was appreciable, though they were still undergoing studies and had no prior industrial exposure. The quality of work done was satisfactory and the application which they developed is working well within the given scope of work."


  1. As far as competence level of your students, is very high.
  2. Good knowledge about technical subjects and marketing, good command over language, very good behavior, very good computer knowledge, etc,
  3. Course is unique; it covers Chemical Engineering and subjects of Business Management.
  4. Time frame of training program is enough. Regular monitoring of the training is very good.


"We, at VSNL, Kolkata would love to have students from your institute for undergoing training, as we hope they will be as sincere, brilliant and learning as the present batch.

While interacting with the student and the faculty of your institute, I personally felt that you have a well organized setup for grooming your students, exposing them, in the process, to sufficient industrial exposure which consolidates their learning and tunes their attitude for turning themselves into budding professionals respected by the industry.


"The MBA (Tech) program at NMIMS appears to be a well thought out and innovative approach to provide students with a blend of technical and managerial skills that are most relevant to the industry today. I would like to laud the university and the MBA (Tech) program management for endeavoring to keep education in touch with industry requirements and developments. We, at ‘I-flex Solutions’, had the privilege of getting associated with the program and the first batch of its students through the industrial training program, a key constituent of the course. The students, who did their training at I-flex, were true ambassadors for the program and developed, through their work and professionalism, strong equity among the people they interacted with. Their ability to grasp new concepts and adapt to the quirks and constraints of a corporate environment were exemplary and beyond our expectations. I wish the students and management of the MBA (Tech) program the very best and look forward to a continued association with them."


"All four students were intelligent, hard working , obedient , keeping schedule of working , very good grasping power requiring minimum guidance, self starter and overall excellent. Training program duration was sufficient and I suppose was aimed at becoming good engineer first before acquiring Management skill."


"We found that the students were very good in their work. They displayed a high order of intelligence & sincerity in executing their work to our satisfaction. We also found that the integrated nature of curriculum of the MBA (Tech) Course has largely contributed in 9th Trimester quality of their work."


"We found MBA (Tech) students sincere, attentive and dedicated."


Alumni Speak

It gives me great pleasure in sharing my success after joining NMIMS MPSTME. It has provided me wonderful environment and plenty of opportunities to learn and grow myself academically as well as to secure a place in the corporate with its best placement services. I am very thankful to the teachers and some of my seniors at NMIMS for their guidance, support and the knowledge they shared with me over the course of 4 years, which helped me a lot in getting placed. The placement department provided lot of support by organizing various industry oriented training and bringing world class companies at campus placements

- Manish Jain
B.Tech, C.S (2013-17)
Company - ZS Assoociates

NMIMS has not been just an education institution for me but also a home away from home. The 4 years here, have been an amalgamation of both learning and extracurricular exposure, which is the best part about this Institution. It not only gave me an opportunity for academic growth but also for enhancing my interpersonal skills. With the help and support of the administration, teachers and staff of the college, I got a good head start for my career. I feel privileged to be a part of this Education Institution. Thank You NMIMS for nurturing me and providing me with academic excellence as well as personal development.

- Pallavi Juyal
B.Tech, C.S (2013-17)
Financial Analyst, Tresvista Financial Services 

4 years in NMIMS MPSTME, I am very proud and I feel very lucky that my college has given me vast opportunities in each and every field. Last 2 years it has been developed much and it is growing and extending its horizon in all the directions.

The college has brought BOSCH and REXROTH Lab with all hydraulics and pneumatics technologies including PLC’s. Other laboratories like (Internal Combustion engine, fluid mechanics) have helped me to understand the basic principles of engineering at cellular level. The world class infrastructure and faculties has helped me realize my full potential, not only as a student but as a leader.

NMIMS deals with overall development of students starting from student chapters like ASME, SAE, IEEE, continuing with classes of soft skills and business communication skills, which leads to an overall development and a student from NMIMS is a full fleshed package to explore and conquer the world of opportunities.

- Aakash Ahiya
B.Tech, Mechanical

Looking back I consider myself lucky to study computer science at this institute. The department of Computer Science has some excellent faculties who not only explain the concepts thoroughly but also make sure that everyone understands the core basics. The teaching pattern helps the students to technically excel in various fields. Moreover quizzes, exams, gamming programs, industrial visits and many more other events and activities helps in all round personality development of the student. Helping approach of the faculties makes us feel to communicate and clear all our doubts. I am thankful to the faculties for shaping up my future. The computer department in this manner has helped me to prosper in all the aspects and I will be always thankful for the immense knowledge that I have received from it.

- Mr Himanshu Bafna
MBA Tech, Computer

My experience at NMIMS MPSTME SHIRPUR has reformed my life from being an individual who wants to live a life to an individual who wants to achieve something great in life. One can remember MPSTME for its excellent faculties and curriculum but what makes it unforgettable is its culture. The culture which allows strong bonding and peer interactions which is very essential in today’s world. The emphasis here is not only given to academics but to overall development of a student through diverse co-curricular activities which are organized by the students and for the students.Also, the top notch infrastructure and facilities provided in this campus make it’s a better place to live in.

- Achal Agarwal
MBA Tech,  I.T.

Computer Science department has always been a reflection of the ideals that form the foundation of this institution. The learned and sincere faculty encourage and guide students to achieve perfection. The interactive lectures and innovative assignments further help in the learning process, which is not limited to only academics. In all it was an enriching experience being part of this department.

- Ms Sukany Phul
MBA Tech,  Computer

Studying at MPSTME Shirpur Campus was an eye-opening experience in terms of career options. Within four years of stay at Shirpur Campus what I gained aside from academic qualifications was immeasurable knowledge, improved competences, lifelong friendships and the confidence to develop my future career. All this wrapped up in a learning experience that is second to none. Apart from this, if I talk about numerous facilities provided, the library is one, subscribed to a number of scientific journals, which helps students understand the recent trends in Engineering and Technology. The Faculty helped me to assess my options from a strategic, professional and personal perspective, because of which I have been placed as a Software Developer at Accenture. The time I spent here had an astonishing influence on my personality. Excellent learning environment, good faculty members, high class facilities, fun at study, open culture, supportive staff and a healthy milieu fostering individual growth make Shirpur Campus an ideal place to be at and learn.

- Freny G. Patel
B.Tech,  I.T.

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