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NMIMS, with its strong industry connect, is known for its relevant curricula and pedagogical innovations. With these differentiating factors, high employability is evident in the placement.

Since academic year 19-20, we have introduced the concept of B. Tech Honors for which a bouquet of specialization to the extent of 20 credits has been curated. We are pleased to announce that NMIMS and IBM have partnered together to offer IBM technology courses for our NMIMS students as a part of these specializations. These technology specialization courses are industry-aligned and are leading to better employability prospects for students. These courses give them an opportunity to get skilled in futuristic technology areas. IBM, as you might be already aware, is one of the largest IT organizations in the world and is known for its research & development activities and innovations that have transformed the world. IBM collaborates with only some select universities world-wide.




We are offering Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning specialization to the students admitted to B.Tech and MBA Tech programs. Apart from being eligible for the Honors degree, after the successful completion of the program, the students will be awarded an electronic badge (certificate) from IBM.




The benefits to the students from this initiative are:

Project Based Learning: The theory courses are augmented by adequate project work. This helps students apply the knowledge gained in classrooms. Much of the project work is hosted on the online platform. The students would also get an opportunity to work on industry projects as part of the program. The projects are industry- aligned and help students understand the applied aspect of technology and get an insight into how projects are delivered in the industry. This is likely to help students gain confidence in facing the interview team during their placement cycle.

Vibrant Courseware: The courses have been developed by IBM with the help of technology experts from the industry who review and keep it relevant as per the industry requirements. This support comes from the IBM Labs and other connected groups.

Guest Lectures and Student Interactions: Regular visits to the Campus by IBM / Industry experts, helping students learn from their experiences.

Industry Events / Quiz / Campus Competitions: The IBM program has been designed to provide many avenues for the industry-student interactions.

Student Monitoring & Tracking: The online platform tracks the work the student puts in the ecosystem. This includes the project milestones, support which the student provides/receives, articles, assignments by the student.




In spite of the restrictions and hindrances faced due to the global pandemic situation, activities like Technical Paper Presentation, Summer Project and Summer Internship were successfully carried by IBM at MPSTME out in academic year 2020-21through online mode. Highlights of these activities are given below.

  • IBM ICE Day: IBM ICE DAY is an activity-filled day with the objective of "learning with fun”. IBM ICE day was conducted online on 29th & 30th January 2021 for SVKM, to make students more interactive with their creative ideas and guide them with respect to the subjects opted. It is a student-centric activity and IBM ICE Day will be counted towards the overall assessment of Dynamic Paradigm; hence it is essential for all students to participate in IBM ICE DAY competitions and sessions. Teams created Technical papers based on topics shared and were presented on IBM ICE DAY. Top 3 teams from each Institute were selected from competition and were provided certificates and medals.
  • Summer Internship for third year: Based on the entrance test conducted by IBM, 23 out of total 44 students were selected for the internship in summer of 2021. From these 23 selected students. Students were given opportunity to work with Phemesoft Ltd, an IBM Partner Firm. Students were given application based tasks and were mentored by company experts. Their task was monitored weekly on Trello application and the students were in touch with the industry mentor through Slack application. We are pleased to inform you that all the students have successfully completed their 6-weeks internship program through IBM. IBM has appreciated has appreciated our students' work and students' have also expressed their satisfaction.


  • Summer Project: Summer project for the duration of 6 weeks was offered by IBM which was compulsory for all the second year students. Students formed their teams and were asked to select one problem statement from the list provided by IBM. Students were mentored by IBM experts and they developed projects like video recommender, driver assistant, Uber Data Analysis, etc.  We are pleased to inform you that they have successfully completed their projects which will be definitely useful to them in their future endeavors. 

The BTech Honors Program at NMIMS’ MPSTME allows students to pursue courses which lie outside their primary degree, and awards students with additional credits as per the courses taken. Both of us are a part of the AI and ML specialization. Our Honors degree will end in a Capstone project mentored by IBM, which will allow us to apply everything we have learnt over the course of our 3 year specialization towards a project of our choice.

There are many opportunities given to students enrolled in this Program; IBM has held multiple seminars, guest lectures and paper presentation competitions to encourage all the students enrolled in the program to think out of the box and gain a deeper understanding of how ML is used by corporations. IBM gave students from the BTech Honors Program internship opportunities in the domains of Python development and Machine Learning with their subsidiaries, and also gave students additional opportunities to do a Summer Project with the company.

As both of us are from Electronics and Telecommunications background, IBM BTech Honors Program has helped us bridge the gap between hardware and software. We are also given the opportunity to extend our knowledge to encapsulate the software side of things which makes us capable of developing intelligent and intuitive hybrid systems that are the need of the hour.

Our Experience with the IBM Honors Program

Roshan Srivastava MBA Tech. EXTC

Avanti Bhandarkar BTech. EXTC

"The IBM AI/ML program provides really great exposure to machine learning, deep learning, python, and natural language processing. Along with the theoretical and numerical knowledge, the program also provides hands-on experience via lab experiments and mini-projects. Along with the normal lectures by college faculties, we attended guest lectures from IBM representatives who briefed us on how the things we were learning are applied in the industry. I got the opportunity to do the IBM Summer Project this year. I had a wonderful time completing the topic chosen by my team. We learned a lot about the application areas of machine learning and deep learning. For completing the project, we got the guidance from industry mentors assigned to us by IBM."

Amazing experience with IBM Program

Swapnil Singh MBA Tech, Computer Engineering

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