Mr. Vivekanand Bagal

Mr. Vivekanand Bagal

Assistant Professor Physics / Applied Sciences & Humanities


• Ph. D. Pursuing (Physics) from North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon 

• M. Sc. (Physics) from School of Physical Sciences, NMU, Jalgaon 

• B. Sc. (Physics) from JET's Zulal Bhilajirao Patil College, Dhule.

Area of Specialization

• Synthesis of various nanostructures and Filed emission.

Work experience

9 Years


• V2O5 precursor-templated synthesis of textured nanoparticles based VN nanofibers and their exploration as efficient field emitter 

• Observation of low turn-on field emission from nanocomposites of GO/TiO2 and RGO/TiO2. 

• Vapour–liquid–solid-assisted growth of cadmium telluride nanowires and their field emission properties. 

• Surface modification of aligned CdO nanosheets and their enhanced field emission properties.

• Observation of enhanced field emission properties of Au/TiO2 nanocomposite. 

• Low turn-on field and high field emission current density from Ag/TiO2 nanocomposite. 

• Aligned 2D CuSCN nanosheets: a high performance field emitter. 

• Simple Way to Deposit CdO Nanowires for Field Emission Application. 

• Enhanced field emission properties from surface-modified 2D Cd(OH)2 nanocoins. 

• Enhanced field emission study of Sns/TiO2 nanocomposite.

Seminars/ Workshops/Conferences Attended

• INUP Familarization workshop on nano-fabrication Technologies, IIT Mumbai, May 25-27, 2016. 

• One day seminar on characterization techniques for nanomaterials, Feb 2016, NMU, Jalgaon.

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