Report on Visit of Delegates from Dynamatic Technologies Limited

LOCATION: Aviation Centre, Shirpur.
Time: 11:00 hrs
Attendees: Lt Gen Sanjeev Madhok (Head of Defence Business, Dynamatic Technologies Ltd.), Mr. Arvind Mishra (Executive Director, Dynamatic Technologies Ltd.), Prof. Sachin Chavan (Faculty In-charge, Team UAS NMIMS), Team Members UAS NMIMS

Lt Gen Sanjeev Madhok and Mr. Arvind Mishra reached the Aviation Centre, Shirpur at 1100 hrs. Prof. Sachin Chavan welcomed them with bouquet.

A brief introduction of the team was done within 20 minutes and at 1120 hrs after clearance from aviation authorities, the team showcased them a 5 minute demo flight followed by a Q&A session.

At 1145 hrs, the team members along with the guests departed for MPSTME, Shirpur Campus.

LOCATION: MPSTME, Shirpur Campus
Time: 1210 hrs
Attendees: Lt Gen Sanjeev Madhok, Mr. Arvind Mishra, Dr. N.S. Choubey (Associate Dean, MPSTME, Shirpur Campus), Dr. Priyesh Kanungo (H.O.D Computer Science & IT Dept.), Prof. Vishal Fegade (Faculty in-charge for Placements), Dr. Santosh Bothe (Head of IEDC, Shirpur), Prof. Sachin Chavan, Team Members UAS NMIMS.

Agenda of Meeting:

  • To discuss about basic logic and development behind initiation of project
  • To discuss on performance and progress of team in last year’s competitions.
  • To discuss on various opportunities in terms of Sponsorship to the Team/ internship to the students of B Tech and MBA Tech (At Dynamatic Technologies Ltd)/ placement for B Tech & MBA students (Dynamatic Technologies Ltd).
  • Any other point with the permission of chair.


  • At 1210 hrs Dr. N. S. Choubey welcomed the guests in the conference hall. The meeting started at 1215 hrs as all the dignitaries and team members settled.
  • Initially Dr. N. S. Choubey and Prof. Vishal Fegade briefed about Placement Procedure, Percentage of Placement and Major Recruiters (Accenture, Infosys, IBM, ZS associates) for students of MPSTME on the query of Mr. Arvind Mishra.
  • Discussion on basic logic and development behind initiating project on UAVs such as airdrop mechanism, off axis targets etc.
  • Discussion on initiatives taken by NMIMS in terms of Chancellors Challenge for supporting innovative programs and patented ideas related to entrepreneurship by the students of NMIMS.
  • Video presentation by Mr. Akash Agarwal (Team Captain) related to the team’s basic idea and concept.
  • Presentation Taken forward by Ms. Mrunmayee Inamke and Akash Agrawal detailing the technical aspects of the project.
  • A question was put up by the delegates from Dynamatics Pvt. Ltd. as to why the team was started? The reply from the various team members indicated that it was passion which laid the foundation of the team.
  • Discussion on report of last year’s competition including the task and result were discussed.
  • Discussion on current development of the team like what team has achieved so far such as Autonomous flight, waypoint capture, Obstacle avoidance etc.
  • Discussion on Future development of the team. Team focused on R&D such as self-healing component, Male UAV, Dynamic obstacle avoidance.
  • Suggestion by Mr. Arvind Mishra regarding collaboration with Army Research Lab, Boston regarding the self-healing fibre.
  • Discussion on the algorithm developed by the team for Autonomous Flight, Image acquisition system, Geo Tagging etc.
  • Discussion on any ideas on entrepreneurship that have been patented in last 3 years if any by the students of MPSTME, Shirpur.
  • Discussion regarding college initiative to support new idea/innovation/entrepreneurship (Chancellors challenge). Dr. Choubey explained about this and Dr. Santosh Bothe later explained the various projects under it. Dr. Bothe explained various advantage and benefits of chancellor challenge competition. They also discussed team participation.
  • Funding for incubation centre and projects and details, discussed with Dr. Bothe along with Discussion on funding for start-ups to convert ideas and concepts into business models
  • Idea of ‘Military 4.0’ by Lt. Gen. Sanjeev Madhok, which is digitalized defence.
  • Discussion on how the team aims at developing its own Autopilot and own hardware component.
  • Question put up by Mr. Arvind Mishra about the requirement of team UAS NMIMS.
  • Discussion on enhancement of existing ideas for components through new technologies and algorithms.
  • Discussion on DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency) and the technologies employed by them in UAVs.
  • Lt Gen Sanjeev Madhok and Mr. Arvind Mishra on behalf of Dynamatic Technologies Ltd. showed positive response to sponsor the team after consulting with its legal team complete procedure. Team needs to send a draft for sponsorship on mutual benefits. Complete details to be sent to Lt. General Sanjeev.
  • Also the company, Dynamatic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Wishes to recruit the members of the team and other students from college for Placement and Internship purposes.
  • Dynamatic Technology want to recruit few students on ongoing placement. They were keen for both B.Tech as well as MBA tech. Prof. Vishal Fegade will be informing the same to Placement department at Mumbai (Mr. Nikhil Gala) for further process.
  • Dynamatic showed interest for Internship opportunities for MBA tech TIP (Technical Internship Program) as well as Btech students. Respective in-charge to be informed by Prof. Vishal Fegade.
  • Both the parties discussed security through UAVs for police, paramilitary forces, surveillance etc.
  • Discussion on silent UAVs with low thermal and noise signatures. They focused on stealth UAV too.
  • Discussion on Piezo electric components and its disruptive usage in UAVs.
  • The guests informed about the training centre in Maharashtra which is being built by Dynamatic Technologies Ltd. in collaboration with Maharashtra Government.
  • Dr. Bothe also discussed regarding ongoing project on IEDC and its participation in various competition, which was praised by Dynamatic Team.
  • Lastly, the guests invited the team and the present dignitaries to their Bangalore centre for ground visit.
  • Dr. N.S. Choubey, presented Mr. Arvind Mishra with the Memento.
  • Dr. Priyesh Kanungo, presented Lt Gen Sanjeev Madhok with the Memento.
  • A Group Photograph was taken with all the team members and the dignitaries present, at 1330 hrs.
  • The guests were escorted to their vehicle and departed at 1345 hrs.


  • Dynamatic Technologies limited shows willingness to provide sponsorship to Team UAS NMIMS in terms of fund support and R&D (at Dynamatic Technologies limited) support by completing the legal formalities. Lt. Gen. Sanjeev Madhok will be Point of contact for issues related to sponsorship. (Mobile No: +91 9459276660, email:
  • DTL shows interest for internship opportunities for B Tech and MBA Tech students.
  • DTL shows willingness for recruitment of students from B Tech as well as from MBA Tech for their immediate requirement in the field of UAV/Automotive/Hydraulics/Home Land Security. Mr. Arvind Mishra will be Point of contact for issues related to Placement/Recruitment. (Mobile No: 9980967676, email:


  • Lt. Gen Sanjeev Madhok (Head of Defence Business)
  • Mr. Arvind Mishra (Executive Director Dynamatic Technologies Ltd.)
  • Dr. N.S. Choubey (Associate Dean, MPSTME, Shirpur Campus)
  • Dr. Priyesh Kanungo (H.O.D Computer Science & IT Dept.)
  • Prof. Vishal Fegade (Faculty In-charge Placement)
  • Dr. Santosh Bothe (Head of IEDC)
  • Prof. Sachin Chavan (Faculty In-charge, Team UAS NMIMS)
  • Mr. Akash Agarwal (Team UAS NMIMS Captain)
  • Mr. Abhishek Khambhata (Team UAS NMIMS member)
  • Mr. Apurva Agarwal (Team UAS NMIMS member)
  • Mr. Sharad Gupta (Team UAS NMIMS member)
  • Mr. Mohit kenia (Team UAS NMIMS member)
  • Mr. Prayas Gupta (Team UAS NMIMS member)
  • Ms. Mrunmayee Inamke (Team UAS NMIMS member)
  • Ms. Shaniya Jacob (Team UAS NMIMS member)
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