International Journal on Textile Engineering and Processes (IJTEP) - Vol 2, Issue 4

ISSN: 2395-3578, Vol. 2, Issue 4

October 2016

Air jet weaving Control of weft breakages for cotton & polyester weft yarn

By Mr. Tushar C. Patil, Mr. Jitendra Kadam, Mr. Yogesh Patil

Impact of Relative Humidity on Loom Shed Efficiency

By Prof. Tushar C. Patil, Mr. Raquim Momin

Effect of Concentration of TCA Solution in PV blended Fabric on TCA Dyeing Method

By Mr.N.B.More, Prof.A.M.Daberao, Prof.P.P.Kolte, Mr.S.A.Ingale

Effect of Yarn Stretch In Sizing On Loom Performance

By Mr. Dhananjay Devare, Prof. R.N. Turukmane, Prof. S. S. Gulhane & Mr. L.C.Patil

Impact of Latest Card on Yarn Quality

By Mr. Chirag Patil, R.D.Parsi, Mr. R. N. Mehta

Nano particles - Application in the Textile finishing

By Swati B.Raut, D.A.Vasavada & S.B.Chaudhari

Tensile Behavior of 100% cotton fabrics made from different directional twisted doubled yarns

By Prof. Ramesh Narkhedkar

Optimization or Improve the Ring Frame Efficiency by Utilizing Effective Auto-Doffing System

By Mr. Shaikh Juber Shaikh Salim, R.D.Parsi, Mr. H. S. Padam

Study on Lab to Bulk Shade Variation

By Mr.Tushar Borse, Prof.Amarjeet Daberao, Prof.Prafull Kolte, Mr.Nandkishor Dhamal

Effect of speed frame drafting systems on quality of ring yarn

By Mr. Vijay D. Chaudhari, Ajay Chaudhary, Vijay S. Shivankar

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