International Journal on Textile Engineering and Processes (IJTEP) - Vol 2, Issue 3

ISSN: 2395-3578, Vol. 2, Issue 3

July 2016

Need of Adoptive Textile Research centre needed in India

By Pramod Raichurkar, M. Ramachandran

Minimization of Defects in Knitted Fabric

By Pranjali Chandurkar, Madhuri Kakde, Chitra Patil

A Review – Nano Technology in Textile composites

By Prof. R. N. Turukmane, Prof. A. M. Daberao, Prof. P. P. Kolte, Dr. V. G. Nadiger

Review on the Manufacturing Processes of Polyester-PET and Nylon-6 Filament Yarn

By Sahas Bansal, Pramod Raichurkar

Single and double bath dyeing of polyester/cotton blended fabric using disperse and reactive dye

By Harshal I. Patil, Dr. Vishnu A. Dorugade, V.S. Shivankar

Performance Analysis of Supply Chain Management Technique at Textile Industry in India in Accordance with Indian Textile Market

By Pravin Wararkar, Mayank Kothari, Kishor Wararkar

Some Naturally Sourced Unknown Fibres Used In Textiles

By Prof. Ramesh N. Narkhedkar, Pranil Vora

Metamerism and colour constancy

By Neetesh Bhargava

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