International Journal on Textile Engineering and Processes - Vol. 4, Issue 1

ISSN: 2395-3578, Vol. 4, Issue 1

January 2018

Unified Design of a Warper’s Beam: A New Concept

By Prof. Ashwin Thakkar, Prof. (Dr.) Someshwar Bhattacharya

Enhancing Efficiency and Productivity of Garment Industry by Using Different Techniques

By Dhanashree Rajput, Madhuri Kakde, Pranjali Chandurkar, P. P. Raichurkar

Study of Mechanical Properties of the Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composite with Built-In Hole in 3-Dimensional Noobed Woven Fabric

By Neha S. Junare, Ashwin Thakkar

Investigation an impact of Weft Count and Pick densities on allied fabric properties

By Pankaj Jadhav, Pralhad Dhole, Ranjit Turukmane

Utilization of waste material in Burnt clay bricks

By Vilas M. Patil, Rahul Bhoge

A Review on various characterisation of PLA based biodegradable composites

By M. Ramachandran, B. K. Modi

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