International Journal on Textile Engineering and ProcessesVol 3, Issue 1

ISSN: 2395-3578, Vol. 3, Issue 1

January 2017

Effect of Pile Density on Physical Properties of Terry Towel Fabric

By Madhuri V. Kakde, Hemant More, Bharat Magarwadia, Vishal Kejkar

Applications of sensors in manufacturing process of melt spun filament: A Review

By Mr. Harshal Patil, P.P. Raichurkar, V.S. Shivankar

Review on Various Gaskets Based on the Materials, their Characteristics and Applications

By Noshirwaan Aibada, M. Ramachandran, Krishna Kumar Gupta, P. P. Raichurkar

Effect of Twist on Yarn Properties

By Mr.K.R.Patil, Mr.Kulabhaskar Sing, Prof.P.P.Kolte, Prof.A.M.Daberao

Minimization of Defects in Garment during Stitching

By Ms.N.S. Patil, Mr.S.S.Rajkumar, Ms.P.W.Chandurkar, Mr.P.P.Kolte

Performance of card and comb sliver blended yarn

By Mr.Bhushan Chaudhari, Prof.P.P.Kolte, Prof.A.M.Daberao, Mr.Sanjay Mhaske

Productivity Improvement of Loom Shed by Optimizing Relative Humidity

By Vicky Ashok Patil, Sujit Shrikrushnarao Gulhane, Ranjit N Turukmane & Rajendra Patil

Strategic Management Planning for Textile Industry in India in Accordance with Indian Textile Market

By Pravin Wararkar, Sandip Patil, Kishor Wararkar

Studies on Inter fibre cohesion Properties of Sisal Fibre reinforced Polypropylene Composite

By R.N. Turukmane, A.L.Bhongade, S.P.Borkar, A.M. Daberao

Effect of dyeing of cotton fabric by using dye fixing agent

By Rohit Jamadhar, A.M. Daberao, V.G. Nadiger, Karan Chandrakar

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