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Dr. Arup Rakshit

Associate Dean
Centre for Textile Functions, NMIMS Shirpur
PhD- Textile Technology


Experience :

Principal, Ideal Institute of Engineering (2018-21)

(AICTE approved & MAKAUT affiliated) (www.iiekalyani.com)

P.O. Kalyani, Dist Nadia, West Bengal - 741235

Professor & Head, Textile Dept.  VJTI (2008-18)

DEAN R&D, VJTI (2012-14)

VJTI, Matunga,

Mumbai - 400019, India


Academic Credentials & Industry Exposure:

Dr Rakshit completed Ph.D. from IIT Delhi (1989) and joined VJTI, Mumbai, to continue his academic career (Lecturer/Sr. Lecturer) where he continued till 1997 and rejoined the same department in 2008 and continuing with different responsibilities (Head of Department, Professor, Dean) till 2018. He has more than 44 Publications and presentations in national and international platform and ONE Patent in his credit.

Graduated from University of Calcutta in 1979, Dr Rakshit started his career in Textile Industry in his native state (West Bengal).  He started his academic career with Government Central Textile Institute (Present name UPTTI), Kanpur in 1983 after completion of Masters programme in Textiles from TIT Bhiwani.


Research Management / Administration

Dr. Rakshit joined SASMIRA (Synthetic & Art Silk Mills Research Association, Worli, Mumbai) in 1997, a leading Textile Research Organization in Mumbai and remains instrumental in popularizing ‘Technical Textiles’ in India. His active areas of interest are nonwovens, technical textiles, sports textiles, geotech, lean manufacturing, management of textile industry etc. had managed more than 60 research projects sponsored by various agencies viz. Ministry of Textiles, Ministry of Defence, DST and Industry. 50% of projects were conceptualized bi him too.

He was also in charge of Powerloom Service Centre at Bhiwandi, a prominent powerloom cluster in the state of Maharashtra for 4 years. He was chiefly engaged in image building exercises of the institute (SASMIRA) through organizing training programmes/ workshop for the industry, conferences, seminars, colloquiums etc. He is widely travelled across the globe.

Dr. Rakshit was the Editor for the Journal of Man Made Textiles in India during his tenure with SASMIRA. He mobilised instrumentation division of SASMIRA through new developments and strategic market promotions.

Professional Engagements:

Dr. Rakshit was Consultant to Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industries - FICCI (Western Regional Council) and member of apex bodies like Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS); he is member of Research Advisory Committee (RAC) of Wool Research Association (WRA) and Research Awards Committee of Textile Machinery Manufacturers Association (TMMA), Mumbai. He was RAC member of BTRA between 2009-12.

Dr Rakshit is member of Institution of Engineers, India (MIE) and Textile Association of India (Life Member) as wells as Indian Society of Technical Education (MISTE), Delhi.


Other activities are:

  • Ph.D. Examiner for
    • IIT Delhi, New Delhi
    • IIT, Bombay, Mumbai
    • NIT, Jalandhar, Punjab
    • SNDT University, Mumbai
    • S. University, VADODARA
    • D. University, Rohtak, Haryana
    • Mumbai University, Mumbai
  • DST-SAP Evaluator, Anna University Chennai since Dec 2015
  • Search Committee Member – SVITS University, Indore - June 2017
  • PEER Reviewer for Textile Research Journal (TRJ), USA
  • PEER Reviewer for Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research (IJFTR), published by CSIR, India
  • PEER Reviewer for Submitted research projects in Dept of Science & Technology (DST) for Instrument Development Programme (IDP)


Management Trainings received:

He has undergone training on Leadership, Strategic Management for Institution Building in various leading B-schools like IIM- Calcutta & Indore and MDI, Gurgaon besides attending other private training programmes at IIT Bombay & VJTI.


Corporate Training Offered:

Dr. Rakshit offers corporate training programmes in textiles under VJTI’s Educaton Consultancy services. Some of the beneficiaries are DDecor Home Fabrics, Mumbai & Tarapur;  Garware Wall Ropes, Pune; KVIC, Mumbai, CCI (Cotton Corporation of India), Mumbai, Indian Labour Institute, Govt of Maharashtra, Mumbai, etc.  





Publication in Journals (National & International):

  1. Arup K. Rakshit and G.S. Bhargava, "Comparative performance of open-end, ring and combination yarn toweling fabrics”, Ind. J. Text. Res.9, June, 33, 1986.
  1. Arup K. Rakshit, A. Misra and B. Dutta, "Design and development of Incremental Drawing Machine”, Ind. J. Text. Res.14, 151, 1989.
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  1. Developments in Ballistic Protective Systems, Dr. A.K. Rakshit, and M.A.Hira, Proceedings of the Seminar on Technical Textiles in India-Today & Tomorrow held at SASMIRA, Mumbai, April 2005, p65.
  1. Technical Textiles an Overview, A.K. Rakshit, South Indian Mills Assn.(SIMA) Review, 20, Nov 2006.
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  2. Geotextile in pavement overlay applications, A case study, K. Rakshit, Manisha Hira, S.Sambhari, "Manmade Textiles in India”, 50(5), 164, 2007
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  1. Effect of twist level and twist direction of core (double) yarn on dref-3 spun yarn, Halari, N R; Rakshit, A. K.; Chattopadhyay, S K; Bhowmick, M, IJFTR Vol.40(2) [June 2015]
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  1. Arup Rakshit, Rohit Naik & Prashant Jinde, "Characterization and synthesis of polyester and viscose nonwovens fabrics embedded with nanoporous amorphous silica”; Journal of The Textile Institute (JTI), UK; Published online on 14 Nov 2018;  link to the article: https://doi.org/10.1080/00405000.2018.1534305


Presentations at International Level:

  1. Arup K. Rakshit, A. Misra and B. Dutta, "Production of high tenacity Nylon 6 and nylon 66 yarn on Incremental Drawing Process”, Presented at the annual meeting of the Polymer Processing Society, Nice, France, Apr. 17-19, 1990.
  1. Arup K. Rakshit, M.K. Talukdar & S.K. Ghosh, "Application of Non-woven Jute Fabric on Flexible Paved Road” International Conference on Jute Biocomposities and Allied Fibers, New Delhi, India, December 1-2, 1994.
  1. Arup K. Rakshit, S.K. Ghosh & Vikas Thakare, "Optimisation of blend of wool/ polypropylene non-woven fabric for sound absorption application”, 9th Interwool       Conference, Biella, Italy, 28th June – 5th July 1995.
  1. Arup K Rakshit, K Gurudatt & P De, "Products from PET Bottle Waste – a green dimension to Technical Textiles”, Presented at the International Conference of Technical Textiles at SASMIRA, India, 2nd & 3rd June, 2001
  1. Arup K Rakshit, "Textile Education in India – present & future” presented at the International Conference on Textile Education at University of Liberec, Czech Republic, 13th &14th June 2011
  1. K. Rakshit & Manisha Hira, Electrically Conductive Textiles Incorporating Carbon, Presented at International Conference of Technical Textiles and Nonwovens, IIT Delhi, ICTN-2014, Nov. 2014
  1. K. Rakshit & Manisha Hira, Electrically Conductive Textile Coatings using Carbon Nanomaterials, Presented at International Programme on Application of Nano-materials in Textiles, MSU, Baroda, April, 2015
  2. A K Rakshit & Rohit Naik,” Development of Thermal Insulative Nonwoven Fabric through advanced material application” FTC-2018; International Conference on Functional Textiles & Clothing; IIT Delhi, New Delhi; 9th – 12th February 2018.
  1. Arup Rakshit, Rohit Naik ;"Development of Mesoporous Gel Based Nonwoven Structure for Thermal Barrier Application” ICNT conference 2019, Tokyo, Japan, April 22-23, 2019.

Presentation in National Seminars/Conferences:

  1. Arup K. Rakshit, A. Misra and B. Dutta, "Incremental Drawing Process – design Parameters”, Presented at the All India Seminar on Recent Advances in Polymer Science at the University of Madras, Madras, Feb. 25-26, 1988.


  1. Arup K. Rakshit, A. Misra and B. Dutta, "Design synthesis of Incremental Drawing Process for synthetic filament yarn”, Presented at the Annual Seminar of Institution of Engineers, India, at the College of Textile Technology, Berhampore, W.B., May 1989.


  1. Arup K. Rakshit, S.K. Ghosh & M.K. Talukdar, "Cotton : A Potential Fibre in Non-Woven Textile”, Presented at the National Conference on Recent developments of Natural Fibers, Jute Technical Research Laboratory, 12, Regent Park, Calcutta, 6 – 7th May, 1993.


  1. Arup K. Rakshit & S.K. Ghosh, "Polypropylene Fibre in Diverse Applications”, Presented at the 49th All India Textile Conference, Textile Association, Coimbatore, 16 – 17th, 1993.


  1. Arup K. Rakshit, S.K. Ghosh & Ketan R Mundle, "Development of Pharmaceutical Wound dressing and Tacky Mat for operation Theatre Application” presented at the 36th Technological (ATIRA, BTRA, SITRA, NITRA) Conf., Coimbatore, 28 & 29th May 1995.


  1. Arup K Rakshit & M A Hira : "Occupant Safety Restraint Devices- Present Scenario and Future Scope”, Presented at the Seminar on "Automotive Textiles” held at SASMIRA, Worli, Mumbai, 19th February, 2000
  2. Arup K Rakshit & M. A. Hira, "Processes and Technologies for Production of Technical Textiles in Powerloom Sector”, Presented at the Conference of Powerloom Development & Export Promotion Council at Kumarapallyam, TN, on 17th August 2001.
  3. Arup K Rakshit & M. A. Hira, "Processes and Technologies for Technical Textiles Production”, Presented at annual convention of Karnataka Textile Mills’ Association, Bangalore on 15th December 2001.
  4. Arup K Rakshit & M A Hira, "Jute in Technical Textiles – scientific & promotional aspects” Accepted in the National Seminar on "Diversified uses of jute and allied fibre crops” on 8th & 9th January, 2004.



Title: "A process for recycling of PET bottle wastes into fibres” Patent No.: 204694 (Appl #109/MUM/2002, dated 07/02/2002) Granted on 01/03/2007   



  1. Visited UK, in November 2001 ; Duration 2 weeks.
    1. To attend "TechniTex” Conference arranged by British Textile Technology Group (BTTG). This is a conference where latest developments in the field of technical textiles were discussed.
    2. For academic interest, visits to University of Manchester, Leeds and Bolton were arranged.
    3. The leading Geosynthetics products manufacturer ‘BBA Nonwovens’ at Wales was also visited.


  1. Visited Europe (Germany, France and Netherlands) in November 2008; Duration 3 weeks.
  2. For training programme on Nonwoven Manufacturing Technology organized by Fleissner and Erko-Trutzschler.


  1. Visited Europe (Czech Republic, Germany and Austria) in June 2011; Duration 1 Week
    1. For presentation in International conference on Textile Education held at University of Liberec (TUL), Liberec, CZ. And liaison meeting on MOU and various academic exchange programmes with TUL and VJTI, Textile Department.


  1. Visited Mauritius in Nov. 2013; Duration 2 weeks
    1. For Initiation of talk to build MoU between University of Mauritius and VJTI for academic & research collaboration in various fields of Engineering & Sciences.


  1. Visited South Africa in November 2013; Duration 2 Weeks
    1. For Initiation of talk to build MoU between Universities in South Africa (viz. Durban, UNISA, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Johanesburg) and VJTI for academic & research collaboration in various fields of Engineering Sciences.

Major Policy Documents written:

  • Proposal for ‘Empowered Committee on Technical Textiles (ECTT)’, Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India (GoI).
  • Proposal for "Centre of Excellence (CoE) on AGROTEXTILES”, Ministry of textiles, Govt. of India (GoI).
  • Concept paper on Technical Textiles: M/s S Kumars Ltd, Mumbai
  • Viability Study Report (5 Nos.) under ‘Debt Restructuring Package’ for BIFR companies, (GoI)
  • Measures for improved Performance of "Powerloom Service Centres” in India, a report based on nationwide survey, Ministry Textiles (GoI).




  1. Awarded as a "Outstanding Jury Member” of TMMA’s Research and Development Award committee in the 62nd Annual General Meeting of TMMA & Export - R&D Award function held at hotel Trident, Mumbai on 30th Sept, 2022.
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