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M. Ramachandran

Assistant Professor
PhD Pursuing (Mechanical Engineering) from Nirma University, Ahmedabad M.E. (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) from NI University, Kanyakumari MBA. (HRM) from MS University, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu



  • Composite Materials 
  • Optimization Techniques

Work Experience

  • 7+ years

Professional Membership

  • Institute of Engineers India, Associate Member, IEI No: AM158185-9, Life Time. 
  • Materials Research Society of India, MRSI No: LMB2800, Life Time. 
  • Indian Society for Technical Education, ISTE N0. LM-107074, Life Time. 
  • Indian National Database of Seafarers, INDOS No: 07EL0463, life time. 
  • International Association of Engineers, IAENG No: 135385, Life Time 
  • Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors, Associate Member, 2014- 2017

Awards & Achievements

  • Received Sentinels Of Science Award 2016 for the field of Engineering by Publons, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Award declared by Richard J Roberts (Nobel laureate in physiology in 1992) 
  • First prize in IEDC Enterpreniual idea competition with cash (Rs 25000) on title biodegradable roofing sheet organized by IEDC Cell, SVKM’s NMIMS University, Shirpur Campus. 
  • Advisory Board Member for national Conference (NCETET 2K15) National Conference On Emerging Technologies in Engineering and Technology organized by Department of Electrical & Electronics Engg on 23th March 2015, St. Thomas College of Engineering and Technology, Chengannur, Kerala. 
  • Convener for international Conference (ICEMEM2015) International Conference on Emerging trends in Manufacturing, Engines and Modeling organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering on 27th & 28th February 2015, NMIMS University, Shirpur Campus.
  • Executive Editor for International Journal on Textile Engineering and Processes (ISSN: 2395-3578) by Centre for Textile Functions, MPSTME, SVKM’s NMIMS Deemed to be University, Shirpur Campus.


  • M. Ramachandran, , Vishal Fegade, Pramod Raichurkar, Strategy Performance Evaluation of a Port Organisation based on Multi-Criteria Decision Making using Fuzzy Logic Method, NMIMS Management Review, Volume 33, Issue 1, 2017, pp. 27-34. 
  • Pramod Raichurkar, V. Subramanium, M. Ramachandran, Performance of silk yarn with the Effect of soaking in Mrudula Soaking oil, Colourage, 64(1), 2017, 41-44 [SCOPUS] 
  • Deepali Mor, M Ramachandran, Pramod Raichurkar, "Optimization of Solid Wastes Disposal Strategy by Fuzzy Topsis Method”, Nature Environment and Pollution Technology 16(1):247-250, 2017 [SCOPUS] 
  • Kanak Kalita, M. Ramachandran, Pramod Raichurkar, S. Haldar, Free Vibration Analysis Of Laminated Composites By A Nine Node Isoparametric Plate Bending Element, Advanced Composites Letters, 25(4), 2016.[SCIE](IF:0.422)
  • Mohit Arora, akshay ahuja, M Ramachandran, Review on Characterization of Poly Butyl Succinate Based Biodegradable Composites, Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences 8(1):1687-1691, 2017 [SCOPUS] 
  • Sahas Bansal, M. Ramachandran, Pramod Raichurkar, Analysis of Coir Fiber Poly-Lactic Acid (PLA)/ Poly-Propylene (PP) Resin Reinforced Polymeric Composite, Applied Mechanics and Materials, 152:10-12, September 2016. Trans Tech Publications. [SCOPUS] 
  • M. Ramachandran, Sahas Bansal, Pramod Raichurkar, Experimental Study of Bamboo using Banana and Linen Fiber Reinforced Polymeric Composites, Perspectives in Science (2016) 8, 313—316. Elsevier Publications. 
  • M. Ramachandran, Back Propagation Neural Network for Prediction of Some Shell Moulding Parameters, Periodica Polytechnica Mechanical Engineering, 60(4), pp. 203-208, 2016. [SCOPUS]
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  • Dev Anand, K.A. Janardhanan, R. Rajesh, Ramachandran. M, Fibre Reinforced Plastic Material with Aluminum Filling Used for Ship Superstructure, Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences 9(1):351-355 · May 2016. [SCOPUS] 
  • M. Ramachandran, , Sahas Bansal, Pramod Raichurkar, Scrutiny of Jute Fiber Poly-Lactic Acid (PLA) Resin Reinforced Polymeric Composite, Journal of the Textile Association, Volume 76, Issue 6, 2016, pp. 372-375. [SCOPUS] 
  • Simran Agarwal, M. Ramachandran, Optimization of Biomedical Waste Disposal Strategy by Fussy Topsis Method, International Journal of Research in Ayurveda and Pharmacy, 7(2):67-70 · April 2016. [SCOPUS]
  • Nishant Godbole, Shajit Yadav, M. Ramachandran , Sateesh Belemkar, A Review on Surface Treatment of Stainless Steel Orthopedic Implants, Int. J. Pharm. Sci. Rev. Res., 36(1), 2016; Article No. 33, Pages: 190-194. [SCOPUS] 
  • Vineeth Nair, Pratul Khosla, M. Ramachandran, Review on Mechanical Properties of Various Natural Fibers Reinforced Composites, Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological And Chemical Sciences. 2016; 7(1): 2001-2004. [SCOPUS] 
  • Deepali Mor, Sahas Bansal, M Ramachandran, Pramod Raichurkar, Review on Antibacterial, Antiviral, and Antifungal Properties of Natural Diapers and its Effect on Dermatitis, International Journal of PharmTech Research 8 (10), 40-46. [SCOPUS] 
  • Pulkit Purohit, M. Ramachandran, Selection of Flywheel Material using Multicriteria Decision Making Fuzzy Topsis, Indian Journal of Science and Technology, 8(33), 2015. [SCOPUS]
  • Patil chetan Vitthal, Chaudhary Saurabh Sanjay, Bhavna R Sharma, M. Ramachandran, Need of Biomedical Waste Management in Rural Hospitals in India, Int. J. Pharm. Sci. Rev. Res., 35(1), 2015, 175-179. [SCOPUS] 
  • Sneha Khairnar, Pramod Raichurkar, Pranjali Chandurkar, M. Ramachandran, Role of Merchandiser to optimize Manufacturing cost, Journal of the Textile Association, Volume 76, Issue 3, October 2015, pp. 161-164. [SCOPUS] 
  • Kanak Kalita, Rakesh Chaudhari M. Ramachandran, Mechanical Characterization and Finite Element Investigation on Properties of PLA-Jute Composites, International Journal Of Computer Applications, 123(13), August 2015, PP. 17-21 
  • Patil chetan Vitthal, Amrutkar Rupesh subhash, Bhavna R Sharma, M. Ramachandran, Emerging Trends and Future Prospects of Medical Tourism in India, Journal of pharmaceutical sciences and research, Volume 7, Issue 5, May 2015, pp. 248-251. [SCOPUS] 
  • Bihari AK, Ramachandran M, Kumar V (2015) Effect of Process Parameters on Roughness and Hardness of Surface and Dimensional Accuracy of Lost Wax Process Casting. J Material Sci Eng, ISSN 2169-0022, 4: 175.
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  • Pramod Raichurkar, M .Ramachandran, Importance of Teaching Automation as an integral part of Engineering at Educational Institutes, International Journal on Textile Engineering and Processes, ISSN: 2395-3578, Vol 1, Issue 3, July 2015, pp. 18-21. 
  • Alex. S, Stanly Johns Retnam, M. Ramachandran, A review on Biodegradability of Hybrid Bamboo/Glass fiber polymer composites, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research. ISSN 0973-4562 Volume 10, Number 11 (2015) pp. 10565-10569. [SCOPUS] 
  • M. Ramachandran, V.Aji, A review on Development of a Three Axis Modern pneumatic Trailer applicable to shipping industry, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research. ISSN 0973-4562 Volume 10, Number 11 (2015) pp. 10575-10579. [SCOPUS] 
  • D. Bino prince raja, B. Stanly Jones Retnam, M. Ramachandran, Analysis of mechanical properties of glass and carbon fiber reinforced polymer material, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research. ISSN 0973-4562 Volume 10, Number 11 (2015) pp. 10387-10391. [SCOPUS]
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Seminars/ Workshops/Conferences Attended

  • Deshpande, R. Gandhi, K. Kalita, M. Ramachandran, A Numerical Study on the Problem of Stress Concentration in Steel Plate, International conferences on Advances in Materials and Product Design, January 2015, SVNIT Surat, ISBN: 9789351969563, Pg. No: 49-56 
  • P. Chincholikar, A. Commessariat, K. Kalita, M. Ramachandran, Steel plate under Equi-biaxial loading, International conferences on Advances in Materials and Product Design, January 2015, SVNIT Surat, ISBN: 9789351969563, Pg. No: 42-49 
  • M. Ramachandran, Franklin Antony Libin, V.Aji, Tensile properties of hybrid carbon and glass fiber reinforced plastic, International Colloquium on Materials, Manufacturing and Metrology, IIT Chennai,8th & 9th August 2014, PP.51-52 
  • V. Aji, M. Ramachandran, Characterization of glass fiber reinforced plastic material with fly ash as a filler material, International Conference on Technological Advancements and Green Governance, Sivaji college of Engineering, Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, 10th & 11th April 2014, PP.111
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