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Dr. Kapil Nagwanshi

Assistant Professor
Ph. D. CSE, M.Tech. CSE, B.E. CSE


Areas of Specialization (Font: Times New Roman, 12, Bold)

  • Machine Learning with Image Processing
  • ANN Fuzzy Logic
  • Networking

Work Experience: (17 + years)

  • Since Feb 2002 (Teaching)

Professional Membership

  • Life Member CSI (01082876)
  • Senior Member IEEE (91121526)
  • Member IAENG (105563).
  • Life Member IETE (M237759L)

Awards & Achievements

  • IEEE (R10) Best Blog Award 2010 For India Keep Researching with IEEE.
  • Chair, IEEE Education Society, Newsletter and Website Committee, India (2014-16).
  • SBC, IEEE Rungta College of Engineering and Technology SB (2014-18)
  • Received outstanding teacher award for years 2011 to 2017.
  • Mentor, Epoch-Microsoft Student Partner Tech Club (2010) and IEEE Mentor programme (2014-15).
  • Students Coordinator for CG State and Member of Nomination Committee, CSI Bhilai Chapter (2013-14).

Publications & Presentations:

Nagwanshi, Kapil Kumar and Sipi Dubey (2018). "Statistical Feature Analysis of Human Footprint for Personal Identification Using BigML and IBM Watson Analytics”. Springer Nature Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 43.6, 2703–2712. (SCI/SCOPUS).

Nagwanshi, Kapil Kumar (2018). "Cyber Forensic Review of Human Footprint and Gait-based System for Personal Identification in Crime Scene Investigation”. In: MDPI Preprints, 1–27. (Crossref). DOI: 10.20944/preprints201804.0072.v1.

Nagwanshi, Kapil Kumar and Sipi Dubey (2018a). "Mathematical Modeling of Footprint Based Biometric Recognition”. In: International Journal of Mathematics Trends and Technology (IJMTT) 54.6, 500–507. (UGC).

Verma, Toran, Sipi Dubey, and Kapil Kumar Nagwanshi (2018). "Variance Feature based Fuzzy Inference System for Diagnosis of Rice Plant Diseases”. In: Fuzzy Systems 10.1, 8–13.(UGC).

o  Nagwanshi, Kapil Kumar, Mukesh Kumar, and Satya Prakash Dubey(2016). "Novel framework for efficient data transfer (EDT)”. in: Procedia Computer Science 78, 153–159 (SCOPUS).

oMehar, Rajkumar and Kapil Kumar Nagwanshi (2014). "Fuzzy Logic Approach for Person Authentication Based on Palmprint”. In: Transactions on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 2.4, 92–101.(Index Copernicus / CiteseerX).

Khare, Charu and Kapil Kumar Nagwanshi (2012). "Image restoration technique with non linear filter”. In: International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology 39, 67–74. (SCOPUS).

Nagwanshi, Kapil Kumar and Sipi Dubey (2012). "Biometric Authentication using Human Footprint”. In: International Journal of Applied Information Systems (IJAIS) 868, 1–6, (CiteseerX).

Sharma, Netreshawari, Kapil Kumar Nagwanshi, and Lokesh Kumar Sharma (2011). "Density Based Cluster Technique for Sensor Data”. In: IJARCS 2.6, 230–233. (EBSCO/Index Copernicus).

Sharma, Netreshwari, Kapil Kumar Nagwanshi, and Lokesh Kumar Sharma (2011). "An Efficient Algorithm for Pattern Discovery in Sensor Network Data”. In: IJAST 3.5, 1–5. (Google Scholar).

Shrivastava, Puja, Susanta Kumar Satpathy, and Kapil Kumar Nagwanshi (2011). "Implementation of an Expert System as Spiritual Guru for Personality Development”. In: International Journal of Computer Theory and Engineering 3.1, 116–121. (EBSCO/EI).

Verma, Toran, Susanta Kumar Satpathy, et al. (2011). "Loss Estimation by Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithm in Rice Farming Caused by Leaf Blast Diseases”. In: IJCIS 1, 21–27. (Google Scholar).

Satpathy, SK, S Panda, KK Nagwanshi, and Cemal Ardil (2010). "Image restoration in non-linear filtering domain using MDB approach”. In: WASET 5.1, 15–22. (SCOPUS).

Satpathy, SK, S Panda, KK Nagwanshi, SK Nayak, et al. (2010). "Adaptive non-linear filtering technique for image restoration”. In: WASET 5.1, 15–22. (SCOPUS).

Nagwanshi, Kapil Kumar, Mukesh Kumar, and Sipi Dubey (2013). "Development of Fuzzified Emotional Mobile (FEM): Thought recognition through EMO vTF mobile”. In: International Multi-Conference on Automation, Computing, Communication, Control and Compressed Sensing (iMac4s), 2013. IEEE, 35–39. (SCOPUS).

Vaitheeshwaran, V, KK Nagwanshi, and T Rao (2012). "Multicore Processing for Classification and Clustering Algorithms”. In: IJCA Proceedings on National Conference on Innovative Paradigms in Engineering and Technology (NCIPET 2012), 20–24. (EBSCO/ CiteseerX).

Nagwanshi, Kapil Kumar, Tilendra Shishir Sinha, and Susanta Kumar Satpathy (2010). "A Co-relation Based Robust Work Model Formation for Promoting Global Cyber Security”. In: 4thInternational Conference on Computer Applications in Electrical Engineering Recent Advances CERA-09. Deptt of Electrical Engineering, IIT-Roorkee, 100–103. (Google Scholar).

Shrivastava, P., S. K. Satpathy, and K. K. Nagwanshi (2010). "Development of an Expert System as Spiritual Guru”. In: 2010 Second International Conference on Machine Learning and Computing, 166–168(SCOPUS). DOI: 10.1109/ICMLC.2010.20.

Seminars/ Workshops/Conferences Attended

AICTE 15 Day FDP on Statistics an Enabling Tool for Research Methodology at RCET Bhilai during 4-17 May 2015.

FDP on GPA Programming and Application at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay during 24-26 February 2014.

SDP on MATLAB & MATROX Imaging Laboratory at IEEE-CS - MIRLAB - MIRAG-Sri Mata Vaishno Devi University-Kakaryal Katra J&K during 23-27 December 2012.

Workshop on MATLAB & Simulink for Engineering Education at Mathworks India, Venue Bhilai during 24 August 2012.

STTP on Research Methodology including Mathematical Modeling in Engineering and Applied Sciences at Rungta College of Engineering & Technology Bhilai during 24-25 March 2012.

STTP on Soft Computing at AICTE-ISTE and Aditya Institute of Technology and Management- Tekkali AP during 2-6 March 2010.

Workshop on Digital Image Processing at Christian College of Engineering & Technology Bhilai during 6-7 February 2010.

Workshop on Research Tools and Methodology for Information Technology at Rungta College of Engineering & Technology Bhilai during 7-8 November 2009.

STC on Geographical Information System at Government Engineering College Raipur and IIT Kanpur during 9-13 February 2006.

Workshop on TEQUIP at Directorate of Technical Education-Raipur during 5-9 December 2005.

Symposium on Teaching and Learning Orientation for Engineering Teachers at Government Engineering College Raipur during 16-19 November 2005.

oSTC on MATLAB at Government Engineering College Raipur and IIT Kanpur during 4-8 October 2005.

o  STTP on Bioinformatics and Data mining at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur during 4-8 April 2005.

STC on Project Management at Government Engineering College Raipur and IIT Kanpur during 27-29 January 2005.

Workshop Conducted

oConducted 15-days Certification Program on "Business Analytics” at MPTP Shirpur, SVKM’s NMIMS during 22ndApril to 7th May 2019.

Expert talk

Keynote address on Footprint biometric based framework for human identification on 17th Jan 2018 at NIT Raipur.

Expert Lecture on Software tools and techniques for research report writing-LATEX (STTP (SF) ARMTT-2016) on 25th Nov 2016 at NIT Raipur.

Guest lecture on General IT Security on 11-Jun-11 from CSI- Bhilai Steel Plant.

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