FACULTY - Electronics & telecommunication Engineering DEPARTMENT

Dr. Basant K Mohanty

Associate Dean (Research) & Professor 
Head of Department, Electronics and Telecommunication, Mechatronics

Ph.D. (VLSI for Signal Processing)

Mr. Shashikant Shantilal Patil 

Associate Professor

Ph. D (pursuing), B E (Electronics),
M Tech. (Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering)

Mr. Atul Patil

Associate Professor

Ph.D Pursuing, BE (Electronics & Power), M.E (Electronics)

Dr. U. Ragavendran

Associate Professor

Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Department

BE (Electronics), ME (Electronics)

Mr. Ravindra Bhat

Assistant Professor

Ph. D (pursuing), M.Tech. (Electronics and Telecom.)

Mr. Sachin Sonawane

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. (pursuing), M.Tech. (ExTC), B.E. (Electronics)

Mr. Rehan Ahmad

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. (pursuing), M.E (Electronics), B.E (Electronics & Telecommunications)

Mr. Kiran Salunke

Assistant Professor

Ph. D (pursuing), B.E. (Electronics & Telecom.) , M.Tech. (Electronics)

Mr. Suresh Kurumbanshi

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. (Pursuing), M.Tech (Electronics)

Mr. Mayank Kothari

Assistant Professor

Ph. D (pursuing), B.E. (Electronics & Communication),  M.Tech. (Embedded System)

Mr. Rahul Koshti

Assistant Professor

Ph. D (pursuing), M.E. (Digital Communication)

Mr. Pravin Wararkar

Assistant Professor

Ph.D (Submitted-ETRX), M.Tech (VLSI), B.E. (E&TC), PGDBM, PGDIRPM, PGDOM, PGDN

Mr. Suyog Vinayak Pande

Assistant Professor

Ph. D (pursuing), M.Tech (Electronics), BDCE, Sevagram

Mr. Sunil Chaudhari

Assistant Professor

Ph. D (pursuing), M.E. (EXTC Engineering), B.E.

Dr. Manish Mandloi

Assistant Professor, EXTC Department

Ph. D

Mr. Pankaj Gulhane

Assistant Professor, EXTC Department

Ph. D (pursuing), 

Mr. Parag Thote

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. (Pursuing), M.E., B.E., DME

Mr. T M Shubham

Assistant Professor

Power Electronics and drives, Electrical Machines and Renewable Energy

Ph. D (pursuing)

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