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Dr. Santosh Bothe

Assistant Professor



  • Post Doc, University of Rome, Rome 
  • PhD Personalising the Academic HRM, University of Pune (Expected 2018) ▪ PhD Alternative Medicine,
  • PhD Knowledge Engineering 
  • MPM, University of Pune 
  • M.Sc. CS, 
  • PGDCA, 
  • B.Sc. Computer Science, 
  • B.Sc. (Mathematics), 


  • "Young Scientist 2014” Award by Inno Indigo funded by European Commission
  • A dedicated researcher with strong knowledge of Cognitive Science and ICT in Health.
  • Proficient in Biomedical Engineering, Big Data and Predictive Analytics in Healthcare.
  • Implemented IPBL (Innovation and Project Based Learning) Model in Academics.
  • Indian Focal Point for World’s Largest Funding Program Horizon 2020 of European Union.
  • Strong Scientific Network across Europe in biosensors & advance diagnosis technologies.
  • Experience in developing and implementing SMART Technologies
  • Possess problem solving skills and the ability to lead the team.
  • Strong exposure to Indo-European Research and Academia
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills. 

Research Interest

Cognitive Science


Advance Disease Diagnosis

Knowledge Engineering


Medical DSS

Artificial Intelligence  

Data Science

Acoustic Analytics of Speech


  • Post Doc, University of Rome, Rome
  • PhD Personalising the Academic HRM, University of Pune (Expected 2018)
  • PhD Alternative Medicine,
  • PhD Knowledge Engineering
  • MPM, University of Pune
  • Sc. CS,
  • PGDCA,
  • Sc. Computer Science,
  • Sc. (Mathematics),

Key Milestone

  • Visiting Professor, University of Rome, Italy AY 2015-2016
  • Recipient of Post-Doctoral Erasmus Mundus "Mobility for Life” Fellowship, University of Rome
  • Recipient of Doctoral Erasmus Mundus "Strong Ties” Fellowship City University, London
  • Support Officer, Euraxess Links India (Till Dec 2016)
  • Focal Point Horizon 2020 of European Commission
  • Students Guided: 52 (UG and PG Level Dissertation )
  • Book: 01
  • Invited Talks: 58
  • Patent: 01 Granted ( RM2012A000173) and Two Submitted

Ongoing research work

  • Designing "Combination of Different Words: ‘VioAcq’ to Extract the Health Status of the Various Organs, systems or subsystems of human body Based on their Acoustics Signature for Voice Parameter Extraction.
  • Study of Association of Voice Parameter to Disease/Disorder.
  • Cognitive System Architecture for Smart and Personalized Healthcare System.


  • Disease Diagnosis and Analysis of the Physical Health Status of Individual by Using Voice Sample. (RM2012A000173 Italian Patent) Principal Investigator: Santosh Bothe, India Co- Investigator Monali D Bobade India, Varsha Vinod Alaspure India Prof. Giovanni Saggio University of Rome Tor Vergata Rome Italy

Working Papers 

Santosh Bothe, Giovanni Saggio, "Diagnosing the upper respiratory tract infection using voice analytics”

Santosh Bothe, Anuksha D., Shruti Swami, "Cognitive Training for Below 14 Years Children for Improving Sensory Accuracy”, Behavioral and Brain Sciences Cambridge University Press

Selected Published Papers

Santosh Bothe, Renu Bhargava, "Prospective study of potential of Indian academia for sustainable innovation”, ISBS International Journal, Vol 3 Issue 3, March

Santosh Bothe, Shruti Sarraf, Renu Bhargava, "Modeling of Cognitive Architecture of The Human Brain” IJCAT Journal”, Volume 3, Issue 3, March 2016

Santosh Bothe, Renu Bhargava, "Study of impact of personalizing on decision making”, ISBS International Journal, Vol 2 Issue 2, March 206

Santosh Bothe, Giovanni Saggio, "Tuberculosis screening by means of speech analysis”, Journal of Communication, Navigation, Sensing and Services, River Publisher, Denmark, Vol 1, 45-56 doi: 10.13052/jconasense2246-2120.2016.004 
Santosh Bothe, Renu B.  Assessing the ‘Need of Personalizing CSR Activities’ and Role of HR in Personalization”      Published in Conference Proceeding "Abhinavan”- The 2015 One Day Annual Conference On Corporate Social Responsibility: Shifting Paradigms And Emerging Models 28 Feb 2015

Santosh Bothe, Giovanni Saggio "Role of patient psychology in healing.”  Seminar on Natural Healing by Daksh Foundation Pune 2-6 December 2014 IF

Santosh Bothe, Giovanni Saggio , Extraction of Human brain logic by using various knowledge elicitations methods. The National Journal of Computer Science and Technology Vol I Issue III Feb 2013

Dhruti Contractor, Santosh Bothe, Protein Structure Prediction: Quantum Physics Based Ab Initio Approach. International Journal of Research and Development, Vol II Issue 1, Apr  2013

Santosh Bothe, Giovanni Saggio, "Mathematical Decision Making Architecture of the Human Brain”, Daksh Journal of Science Vol II Issue 2 Dec 2012

Santosh Bothe, Rushiket Jadhav "astute farming for western vidarbha and some part of marathwada”, Third National Conference on Agro-Informatics and Precision Agriculture 2012 (AIPA 2012) 1-3 August 2012  (IIIT-H) Gachibowli, Hyderabad, India.

Santosh Bothe, Rushiket Jadhav, Subhagi Shinde "Cloud Computing Based Image Processing Applications for of Agro Informatics” Third National Conference on Agro-Informatics and
Precision Agriculture 2012 (AIPA 2012) 1-3 August 2012  (IIIT-H)
Gachibowli, Hyderabad, India,

Subhagi Shinde, Santosh Bothe, Unsupervised Self Learning Approach for assessing the potential for pesticide for diagnosis of diseases on Crops, International Journal of Computer Applications vol 7 pp 40-43, May 2012. Published by Foundation of Computer Science, New York, USA

Santosh Bothe, Architecture of the Self Learning and Intelligent System 2nd International Conference Nanoscience Engineering and Advance Computing, Narsapur 2011 July 8-10, 2011

Santosh Bothe, Giovanni Saggio Self Learning approach in software design The 2nd International Multi-Conference  on Complexity, Informatics and Cybernetics: IMCIC 2011,

  • B. Muley, V. Bastikar, Santosh. Bothe, A. Meshram and N. Roy Virulence prediction model (virprob) using amino acid and dipeptide composition for human pathogens Journal of Biophysics and Structural Biology Vol. 2 (1), pp. 001-008, February, 2010)

Santosh Bothe D. N. Besekar Prof. Vyas Design and development of the numeric code for image recognition. International Conference on Challenges and opportunities in IT Ludhiyan, Punjab India. 2005

 Supriya Amley, Santosh Bothe, Rachana Marwal, An Analysis of Mobility Forecasting Structural design Based on Relative Knowledge. National Conference of Computer Science and Statistics GVISH Amravati-2005

Research monographs, chapters

Co-authored the book "Future Trends and Challenges for ICT Standardization" published by River Publishers.


Chaired the technical session at International Conference ISABEL 2010, 7-10 Nov 2010 University Rome

Chaired the technical session at International Conference ICNEAC 2011 8-10 July 2011 Narsapur AP India

Chaired the session at GISFI 2nd Standardization Series Meeting at Lonavala MS India 28 Feb 2010

Key Invited presentations

  • Voice Sample Based Disease Diagnosis, Poiliclinico Tor Vergata, Rome, Mar 2016
  • Voice Sample Based Disease Diagnosis, San Raffaele Health University, Rome, Feb 2016
  • Flash Presentation on "Voice Sample Based Disease Diagnosis” at ICT in Health session in Health Partnering event on 17th September 2015 at Brussels, Belgium organised by European Commission.


HiTEG, Research Group, University of Rome, Tor Vergata, Italy

San Giovanni Batista Hospital and Research Center, Pisana

San Raffaele Research Center, Rome

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