Malvika Sharma (Dr)

Dr. Malvika Sharma

HOD (Applied Science and Humanities) and Assistant Professor (Engineering Chemistry)

Ph D, M Sc (Chemistry)

Areas of Specialisation

1. Synthesis in organometallics

2. Synthesis of anti-malarial drug


18+ years


[II] International Journals:

1. Bioorg. & Med. Chem.Volume 16, Issue 4, 15, 2008 Feb. pages 1816-1821 Orally active 1,2,4-trioxepanes: Synthesis and antimalarial activity of a series of 7-arylvinyl-1,2,4- trioxepanes against multidrug-resistant Plasmodium yoelii in Swiss mice 

2. J. Org. Chem., 2006, 71 (24), pp 9057–9061 “Synthesis of 1, 2, 4-trioxapanes and 1, 2, 4-trioxacanes via photooxygination of homoallylic alchohols”

[III] National Journals:

1. Indian Journal of Chemistry Vol. 29A Feb.1990 (186-188) Synthesis and structural studies of some organotin (VI) complexes with macrocyclic ligands. 

2. Asian Journal of Chemistry Vol. 3 No.2(1991) Synthesis and characterization of some di and tri organotin VI derivatives of Schiff bases. 

3. Journal of Indian Chemical Society Vol. 66 March 1989 p 175-177. Some macrocyclic complexes of oxo-metal ions. Part1. Studies on some oxozirconium(VI) Complexes. 

4. Current Sciences Vol. 58, No. 10 p 562-564. (May1989) Coordination complexes of di-organotin.

National Conference

1. “Synthesis of 1,2,4-trioxapanes and 1,2,4-trioxacanes via photooxygination of homoallylic alchohols” Joint International Conference (ACS CSIR OCCB 2006 ) at National Chemical Laboratory, Pune. 

2. “Antimalarial Assessment of 1,2,4-trioxapanes” 2007 at Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow, India from 17th-21st February 2007

Workshops Attended: 

• High Impact Training Skills R C Patel Engineering College Shirpur from 11-12 July 2011 

• Mission 10X workshop 11-15 July 2011 

• UGC-NRCM Summer Workshop on “ Polymers: Properties, Characterisation and Applications” In Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore From 16-20 July 2012 

• FDP on “Innovations Towards Learner Centric Pedagogy” in MPSTME Mumbai from 2-4 May 2016 

• FDP on “Innovations Towards Learner Centric Pedagogy-II” MPSTME Mumbai from 21st to 25th November 2016

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