“Friday with me”

Date:- 26th May, 2017

Venue: MPTP Park, NMIMS, Shirpur

The event started with welcome to Dr. Bunglowala-Associate Dean, MPSTME Shirpur, Head of the Departments, Faculty members and Mr. Rajeev Dalal-Deputy Registrar, MPTP Campus, Shirpur.

Dr. Pankaj Wasadkar, Rational Clinical Psychologist- Psychotherapist & Organizational Trainer with experience of 21 years in fields of Clinical Practice, Educational Institutions, and Industrial Sector and in Non- Governmental Organization shared his expertise as a Resource person. He has proven success in leveraging Psycho-Educational Theories and Methodologies to Design, Develop and Deliver customized modules as per the need and requirement of the sector. He has conducted over 50 Orientation Program for Various Institutions based on Rational Emotive Behaviour, Building Institutional Excellence, Work Culture, Interpersonal Relationship.

The Program entitled as “Friday with me” was based on Interpersonal Relationship (Role and Responsibilities of Mentor towards Students). Main Topics discussed were based on Dr. Allbert Ellis`S Rebt Model & Insoo Kim Berg`s SFBT Model. Sub Topics Discussed were Johari, Label, Unconditional Acceptance, Emotional Roller Coaster- Self Screwing- Pendulum- Daily Bull Fighting, Case Presentation Along With Group Activity- Intellectual Obsession, Narcissistic, Antisocial, Addiction, Schizoid, And Unstable Mood, Action Plan (Solution Focused Behavioural Approach SFBT).

There were forty participants, who actively participated in the Group activities, and it was fun learning about how to deal with different types of Mentees with different characters. It was a great Workshop, which really taught some lessons to Faculty members, about how to one has to act in different roll plays according to the Situation. At last the Feedback was given by Deputy Registrar and some Senior Professors, followed with a group Photo Session with all the members.

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