15th auvsi suas 2017 competition

Date and Venue

15th AUVSI SUAS 2017 competition in Maryland, USA from 14th June 2017 to 19th June 2017

Team UAS NMIMS is a student team from MPSTME Shirpur Campus. The team specializes in drone technology and has been conducting extensive research and development since the last two years. We have currently developed a fixed wing drone which took part last year competition in Maryland, USA and modified UAV will fly in 15th AUVSI SUAS 2017 competition in Maryland, USA from 14th June 2017 to 19th June 2017 under the leadership of Master Akash Agrawal and mentorship of Prof Nitin Choubey and Prof Sachin Chavan.

The SUAS Competition, aimed at stimulating and fostering interest in unmanned aerial systems, technologies and careers, focuses on engaging students in a challenging mission. It requires the design, integration, and demonstration of a system capable of conducting air operations which includes autonomous flight, navigation of a specific course, and use of onboard payload sensors. This year we will try to complete a total of 11 mission tasks to be completed along with presenting a journal paper and a Flight Readiness Review (FRR) briefing.

70+ student teams from all around the globe participated in this competition representing their respective Institutes at this prestigious competition. Our drone performed as per our expectations last year and we stood at 19th place overall. We now plan to participate in the next year’s edition of the said competition as well along with participating in other.

Since this is our second year at this competition, we decided to perform few more tasks from the listed 11 tasks. We are now looking to upgrade our on-board systems (such as payload system, imagery system etc.) along with increasing our flight endurance. We are also planning to implement some kind of virtual reality too. Team are now working on image processing which is one of the main motto for this year competition along with virtual obstacle avoidance technique.

For more detail about the team you can visit UAS - NMIMS website


or can mail the team at uav.nmims@gmail.com

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