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information technology Faculty

Dr. Nitin S. Choubey

Professor & Head, Computer Engineering and IT Department

B.E. (CSE), M.E. (CSE), Ph.D. (CSE), Diploma in TQM & ISO 9000, MBA, Ph.D (Management), LMISTE, AMCSI, LMIACSIT, LMIAENG, LMIJCA, FMIETE

Mr. Prashant Udawant

Assistant Professor

M.E. (Computer Engineering), B.Tech. (CSE)

Ms. Sonia Relan

Assistant Professor

M Tech (Computer Engineering), BE (CSE)

Mr. Tukaram Gawali

Assistant Professor

M.E. (Computer Engineering), BE (Information Technology)

Mr. Ritesh Kumar Dhanare

Assistant Professor

M.E. (Computer Engineering), B.E.(Information Technology)

Ms. Pratiksha Mishram

Assistant Professor

M. Tech (CSE), B.E. (C.Tech)

Mr. Piyush Kumar Soni

Assistant Professor

M.E. (Computer Engineering) IET, DAVV Indore

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